JIEP Speakers' Forum

In the JIEP’s Mission Statement the Institute aims to improve environmental management capacity and practices in Jamaica. One of the ways it seeks to do so is by providing a forum for discussion and resolution of environmental issues. The JIEP Speaker’s Forum is one of the mechanisms used by to fulfill this objective. The aim is to exchange information and ideas on issues related to environmental management and sustainable development. The Speaker’s Forum provides opportunities for interested parties and other to engage in substantive debate on issues that impact environmental management in Jamaica. The Speaker’s Forum encourages Jamaicans of all backgrounds to learn more about the environmental issues facing them today and to share their opinions. In this regard The Speaker’s Forum is unique as it takes no position on the issues but instead promotes open discussion. Convened Speakers Fora, seminars and presentations on the following topics include:

  • Lessons from Hurricane Ivan: Are we learning for tomorrow?
  • The Access to Information Act; Recycling Initiatives in Jamaica
  • The Preparation of a Floodwater Control Master Plan for Jamaica
  • Wigton Wind Farm and Carbon Emissions Trading
  • Environmental Aspects of Dredging in Kingston Harbour
  • Highway 2000: Integrating Environmental Assessment with Engineering and Design
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in Jamaica: Current Process and Opportunities
  • Environment and Planning Act
  • Environmental Impact and Disaster Response
  • Trade and Environment
  • 90 Days for all development approval? Is it attainable and sustainable?
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