The President's Message


Happy 50th Jamaica!
Along with celebrating our nation's 50th year of independence, we have been busy measuring, commenting on, criticizing, and generally arguing about the progress our nation has made over the last 50 years. There is no doubt that for a small island (we are an archipelago really) we have done well in fields such as sport and music; and the only argument seems to be whether we should have done better, and having now achieved what we have...what do we do over the coming half century to take it to the next level?
Sadly, in relation to our nation's natural resources we are not able to say that we have done as well. No doubt we could be in a worse position now, but no one can reasonably say that our natural resources are in a better state today than they were some five decades ago. While the environment and related issues certainly have received more attention in the last few decades this attention has not resulted in what we had hoped for in terms of a serious commitment and approach to the management of Jamaica's natural resources.
So what do the next 50 years hold for Jamaica's environment?
There are likely to be even greater pressures on our natural resources from continued exploitation, physical development, climate change, and natural disasters. All this in the present day context of a global recession, Jamaica's own heavily indebted status which leaves our limited financial resources to be paired with the low priority given to environmental matters. Clearly if there is no significant change in how we act as stewards for the environment there will be little positive to write about in the year 2062.
While the newly elected JIEP Council will only serve until 2014, and will be long gone by 2062, there is an encouraging mix of new and not-so-new (let's say experienced!) blood that is eager to push the agenda of the JIEP forward.
As the JIEP is a membership based organisation we want to continue to be relevant to our members by promoting their interests; but we are also going to play a more active role in the broader dialogue about Jamaica's environment in the belief that our action over the next couple of years will put Jamaica's environment on the right trajectory for 2062.
Let us know how we can serve you better, what ideas you may have, and of course how you are willing to chip in and help us.
Krishna Desai,
President 2012-2014


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