Professional Development


Professional Certification for Members of JIEP

Following on one of JIEP’s mandates for continued professional development of its members, the JIEP held a series of meetings with members in 2006 to determine their needs and requirements in this area. Other professional organizations such the Geological Society that had experience with professional certification were invited to share their experiences. A Working Committee was formed that was chaired by Dr. David Lee to investigate different certification programmes globally and determine a set of criteria to assist the JIEP in selecting the best one for its members. Certification programmes were investigated from several jurisdictions including the USA, the UK Australia and Africa. After a process of continued dialogue with the members, short-listing and direct contact with the short listed administering bodies, the Qualified Environmental Professional Certification (QEP), and the affiliated Environmental Professional Intern (EPI) which is administered by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP) in the USA, was selected as the programme for the JIEP in mid 2007. The process was guided by Mr. Jacob McLean, a former JIEP Council Member and one of Jamaica’s first QEP’s, who subsequently did Jamaica and the JIEP proud by being appointed to the Board of IPEP.

Under the Membership Committee, a Professional Certification Sub-Committee was created which was chaired by Dr. Margaret Jones Williams, who had been vice-chair of the Working Committee. Information on the entire process had been documented and was presented at the JIEP’s 3rd Biennial Conference in May 2007, and in July 2007 at the JIEP’s AGM invitations were issued to members to sign up and be a part of the first cohort going forward for international professional certification.

A series of meetings and workshops were staged by the Professional Certification Sub-Committee to lead the first cohort through the process of filling in application forms, accessing and reviewing the QEP Body of Knowledge, and preparing for the exams. The first cohort had three persons sitting the QEP by Oral Exam, and four persons sitting the EPI by written exam. In all five candidates were successful from the first cohort. These are:

Don Rose (QEP)
Margaret Jones Williams, PhD (QEP)
Orville Grey (EPI)
Derian Jackson (EPI)
Latoya Palmer

JIEP is continuing the Professional Certification Programme and is currently engaging participants for the second cohort.