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About Us

Who We Are

The Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals (JIEP), formed in 2000, is a professional association of qualified persons who work in the environmental field. Members include scientists, engineers, consultants, social scientists, lawyers, educators and economists.

An eleven-member Council made up of the Executive and eight other Council members governs the JIEP. The Executive consists of the President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.


Our Mission

The JIEP’s mission is to maintain high standards of professionalism among our members in order to improve the environmental management capacity and practices in Jamaica. This is done by:

  • establishing and monitoring professional standards
  • providing a forum for the discussion and resolution of environmental issues
  • developing the environmental management capabilities of our members

The JIEP aims to:

  • encourage the application of professional standards throughout Jamaica's public and private sectors
  • provide a network for communication and support of environmental professionals
  • encourage adherence to professional standards

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